Memories of Happy Days

Memories of Happy Days
Memories of Happy Days--Standards Held High

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our 55th Class Reunion

Elmhurst High School
Fort Wayne, IN
Class of 1958
September 28, 2013 
Here we are, 55 years later.
Back Row: Dave Wiemer, Derry Lesh, Dwight Nash, Howard Moon, Michael Murphy, Ronnie Reed, James Diss, Tom Strubbe, John Weikel,
Ross Springer.
Second Row:  Penny Corbitt Henshaw, Linda Sheddick Kolb, Vincent Backs, Dean Anderson, Zandra France Orr, Don Goss (teacher),
Larry Monn, Bob Horton, John Leeper.
Third Row:  Meridith Welch Poorman, Peggy Rollings Cloud, Sandy McCoy Anderson, Rosemarie Scribner, Linda Garrett Bowman,
Carol Dick Stimson, Linda Berg Walda, Marti Zander Evans,  Janice Arnos Koenig.
Front Row:  Kay Owens Hayes, Barbara Steinbacher Fahling, Janet Barker Herbst, Nancy Maloney Flaugh.

Let's Get the Party Started!
The tables are set,

The Door Prizes are out,

And all the Name Tags are in place.
Nancy Maloney Flaugh

Marti Zander Evans and Nancy Maloney Flaugh
The First to Arrive.
Carol Dick Stimson and Linda Berg Walda
The "former" Skip Moon,
Penny Corbitt Henshaw and Nancy Maloney Flaugh.
So Many Names and Faces to Remember.

Carol Dick Stimson, Linda Berg Walda, Zandra France Orr,
Barbara Steinbacher Fahling.

Linda Sheddick Kolb, Penny Corbitt Henshaw,
Meridith Welch Poorman, Zandra France Orr.

Janet Barker Herbst and
Skip Moon.

Dwight Nash and Nancy Maloney Flaugh

Vince and Judy Backs

Mike  and Susan Murphy
talking to our guest, Joe Mousey.
So Many Dear Friends
we have not seen for a long time.

Linda Garrett Bowman and Penny Corbitt Henshaw

Sharon Caudill Johnson and Gail Emerick Baker 

                           Larry Monn and Skip Moon

Bob Horton and Tom Strubbe

Linda Sheddick Kolb and Meridith Welch Poorman

Rosie Springer, Judy Backs and
Ross Springer

 Derry and Lois Lesh

Bev Weikel Weimer with her brother, John Weikel.
We were blessed to share this night
with a couple of our teachers.
A big "Thank you" to Dave and Bev Weimer
for picking up Mr. Nick Werling.

Marti Zander Evans talking with Mr. Don Goss.

Mr. Werling and Skip Moon

A Couple of High School Sweethearts!
Dean Anderson and Sandy McCoy Anderson
Meridith Welch Poorman and Peggy Rollings Cloud

Allen Poorman with Kay Owens Hayes and her husband, John.

Tom Strubbe and John Leeper.

Dave Weimer, Dwight Nash and Dean Anderson.

Allen Poorman and Derry Lesh.

Bob Horton and Sandy McCoy Anderson.
Mike Murphy and Ronnie Reed

Mr. Werling may have been the boys' coach
but he always had good advise for the girls.

Kay Owens Hayes and Nick Werling.

A little "heart to heart" conversation
between Nick and Linda Sheddick Kolb.

Tom Strubbe, Nick Werling and Skip Moon.

Penny Corbitt Henshaw, Nick Werling and Skip Moon. 
Dean Anderson, Meridith Welch Poorman and Janet Barker Herbst.

Jim Diss and John Weikel.
Friends Forever!
Sandy McCoy Anderson, Nancy Maloney Flaugh,
Penny Corbitt Henshaw and Kay Owens Hayes.
Carol Dick Stimson, Zandra France Orr,
Linda Berg Walda, Linda Garrett Bowman.
Tom Strubbe and Larry Monn

Jack and Janice Arnos Koenig

Jack Koenig with Marti Zander Evans

John Leeper and his Guest

Rosemarie Scribner
Ronnie and Sandra Reed
Barbara Steinbacher Fahling and her sister, Shirley.

Don Goss,
who taught many of us
how to be more artistic.
Time for Talk around the Tables.

Judy Backs with Ross and Rosie Springer.


Susan and Mike Murphy with Peggy Rollings Cloud.


Jan and Bob Horton with Vince Backs.

Sandy McCoy Anderson, Meridith Welch Poorman,
Allen Poorman and Nancy Maloney Flaugh.
Dwight Nash, Larry Monn, Skip Moon and Tom Strubbe.
Linda Berg Walda, Barbara Steinbacher Fahling,
Barbara's Sister, Shirley and Lois Lesh.
Vincent and Judy Backs with Ross Springer.

John Weikel, Joe Mousey and Dwight Nash.
Attendance Prizes
Bob Horton
Perfect for our Elvis fan--Carol Dick Stimson.

Mr. Goss picked
something good to eat.
John Weikel with a book
to remember his home town.
Just a Few More Pictures
before we say,
"Until we meet again."
Carol Dick Stimson and Linda Berg Walda.
Tom Strubbe and Bob Horton

Carol Dick Stimson and Marti Zander Evans.
A Re-creation from our Senior Yearbook
Nancy Maloney Flaugh and Janet Barker Herbst
with Bob Horton.
In Memory

 Below are some Group Pictures
that have not been cropped,
which you are free to copy or print.
"Pick the one you look best in!"

If you decide to order a picture,
please let us know the number of the picture you prefer. 
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Picture No. 5


Thank you all so much for coming.
Hopefully this will be a
Wonderful Memory
for all of us.